Mark Marty Rathbun Thinks He’s Always Right

Mark Marty Rathbun is ready to implode under the weight of his own self-centeredness. He puts on a front that he is an extremely busy man, and he pushes that image as hard as he can.

The truth about Mark Rathbun is that he greatly exaggerates his own self importance. In the world of Rathbun, he can do no wrong. Nothing is ever his fault and Rathbun pulls all the strings.

Any sane person can take a simple moment of self reflection and realize where one has made mistakes along their path. Rathbun is incapable of this action, and only defends his words and actions no matter how insane.

Marty Rathbun lives in his own delusional, self absorbed world where he can do no wrong.

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