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Mark Marty Rathbun Thinks He’s Always Right

Mark Marty Rathbun is ready to implode under the weight of his own self-centeredness. He puts on a front that he is an extremely busy man, and he pushes that image as hard as he can.

The truth about Mark Rathbun is that he greatly exaggerates his own self importance. In the world of Rathbun, he can do no wrong. Nothing is ever his fault and Rathbun pulls all the strings.

Any sane person can take a simple moment of self reflection and realize where one has made mistakes along their path. Rathbun is incapable of this action, and only defends his words and actions no matter how insane.

Marty Rathbun lives in his own delusional, self absorbed world where he can do no wrong.


Mark Marty Rathbun Descent into Abyss

“Marty Rathbun’s descent into the abyss of insanity was by no means a sudden, over-the-edge plunge.Few were able to see his slow and inexorable slide into the depths of irreversible irrationality.

For years Rathbun managed to keep his madness hidden. His cleverness had grown all but demonic and what he unleashed was kept isolated and behind closed doors.

But by winter of 2004, the year of his desertion from the Church, he could no longer keep his malady veiled. The cunning was gone, the rage unchecked, and so it was that a whole host of co-workers finally bore witness to what Rathbun had become. That was the evening when all of them shockingly saw, and then promptly stopped, his attempt to kill Mike Rinder with his bare hands.

Marty Rathbun Disturbed and Institutionalized

Marty Rathbun doesn’t come from a happy home. It was a very troubled household. When Marty’s mother was pregnant with him, she was institutionalized and given electric shocks for being mentally disturbed and having extramarital affairs.

Rathbun too was drugged and electric shocked. His behavior throughout his life shows and proves he was a “shock baby.”

“I asked Carol, “my mom received electro shock treatment while I was in her womb, didn’t she?” … After several seconds, she replied, “how did you find out?”” – Marty Rathbun

“Organizing” With Marty Rathbun?

Rathbun is actively trying to divert resources away from the Church of Scientology. He believes that he can organize a better system than the one LRH has had in place for many years. Rathbun is convinced that he can get good standing members to leave and join his splinter group by spreading lies.

Seeking to splinter off an area of Scientology and deny it properly constituted authority for personal profit, personal power or “to save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology

If Rathbun had a written program he was following, you would probably see this particular Suppressive Act as one of his Major Targets.

Mark Marty Rathbun CockRoach to Society

Marty Rathbun is a cockroach. People like him have been around since the beginning, and they pop up every once in a while making a lot of noise criticizing Scientology. They’re actions are to be expected

It is a waste of time for most of us to take on a roach like Marty Rathbun. By the time we finally get to the bug spray, he will be belly up on his escape route. Rathbun will exhaust his own efforts trying to back track and cover up his tracks.

In the end we will be stronger simply by pushing mankind forward, while cockroaches like Marty Rathbun run themselves in circles until they drop.

How Long Will Rathbun Go?

Treat a bust or a personal office of mine with disrespect and the public falls away. Apologize for my policies and the public stays off in droves. There’s nothing of superstition about this. The public wants Scientology, Ron’s brand and they don’t buy other brands. In thirteen years, every squirrel or disaffected or critical office has miserably failed.
“The ‘we agree in most things with Ron but——-‘ sees the coattails of the public, not their faces. Only recently a large office nearly crashed on this one alone. I repeat that this is no self-interested observation. It is just fact. ‘This office doesn’t fully agree with Ron’ is a sure trademark of failure. I can name nearly a hundred (independent, nearly all of them) failed centers who for all their work and often creditable actions, new furniture and exteriors, failed and failed hard on just that point.”
– L. Ron Hubbard

Rathbun uses these type of phrases amongst his squirrel followers. He believes that he knows better than LRH, combining ideas from various different schools of thought and claiming that this is what LRH really meant.

Meanwhile Rathbun consorts himself with the likes of SPs such as Ursula Caberta.

Mark Rathbun Fails Again

Marty Rathbun has scored yet another embarrassing legal loss. Rathbun has a long history of pretended legal competence that shatters each time you look at his false “products”

.The 9th Circuit Court issued yet another resounding defeat for the legal genius Marty Rathbun, deciding against the Headleys in their Rathbun-inspired claims against the Church and the Sea Organization and the notion that their labor was “forced.” In fact, 3 of the judges found that the Headleys failed to show that they were forced into anything. In other words, the whole thing was just as bogus as Marty’s other claims about the Church.
While he may be able to get his lies published in porn rags and other publications, Rathbun just can’t seem to make a single one count when it comes to providing actual evidence.

Fortunately, courts don’t recognize fantasies, delusions, or manufactured stories as evidence. These only gain traction with tabloid journalists and other misinformed individuals.

Which is, after all, Rathbun’s real audience.