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Mark Marty Rathbun Thinks He’s Always Right

Mark Marty Rathbun is ready to implode under the weight of his own self-centeredness. He puts on a front that he is an extremely busy man, and he pushes that image as hard as he can.

The truth about Mark Rathbun is that he greatly exaggerates his own self importance. In the world of Rathbun, he can do no wrong. Nothing is ever his fault and Rathbun pulls all the strings.

Any sane person can take a simple moment of self reflection and realize where one has made mistakes along their path. Rathbun is incapable of this action, and only defends his words and actions no matter how insane.

Marty Rathbun lives in his own delusional, self absorbed world where he can do no wrong.


The Rat Mark Marty Rathbun

Marty Rathbun’s internet postings follow a predictable pattern.
When not venting about the “injustices” done to him (those of his own making), he sometimes features a mind-numbing post from some so-called adherent of his self-styled “indie” group. They are long and tedious diatribes written by nobodies, often chock full of basic spelling and grammar mistakes.
In a word, they are dreadful.
That these people gave up on the Church years, if not decades ago, doesn’t matter to Rathbun. It gives him fodder for his blog and, presumably, a new “counseling” client to pay him a few bucks.
But recently Rathbun’s clientele has significantly declined. There could be multiple reasons for such a decline.
First, Rathbun i sjust lazy – something that his best good buddy Mike Rinder perfected into an art form. Rathbun’s personal history since being removed from the Church in 2004 also shows us a slothful streak.

Living off an inheritance, Rathbun became a drifter, spending all his money on junk food and motels before taking up residence in the Texas Gulf area. When the money ran dry, the former external affairs staffer worked a series of odd jobs – as a newspaper cub reporter and a beer hawker in a ballpark, among others.

These jobs were perfect for Marty as they require little effort, and no resume is necessary. In fact, they were the only jobs available to someone like Marty Rathbun.

Even acquiring a girlfriend was just a few clicks away. After a couple of dates, a fake wedding, a drunken and disorderly honeymoon in New Orleans and the rest is history. Along the way “wife” Monique got a new name, “Mosey.” The derivation of that name could even have something to do with Rathbun’s laziness in “Could you mosey over to the fridge and grab me a beer, honey?” Anything’s possible.

Another reason might be his horrific “counseling abilities” and his clients have began to experience bad “counseling” and are indeed smelling a rat. As a self-proclaimed guru, Rathbun is little more than a legend in his own mind with no bona fides to establish him as a counselor of anything.
Ironically, Rathbun’s “father-in-law” James Banks is in the counseling business in New York, but at least he has an education which gives him state licensing to run his enterprise. It would be curious to learn what Banks thinks of his “son-in-law” being in the business, so to speak, given that Rathbun is just a non-certified freelancer with an Internet hook-up.
Yet another reason for Rathbun’s lack of clientele might be his “warrior” personality. Rathbun has admitted that he sees himself as a warrior who is at his best when there are wars to be waged and battles to be fought. Others might differ with that observation, pointing out that Rathbun is at his worst as a warrior because that’s when he does the most damage to innocent parties.

Whatever the case, the wars are over and the world has moved on. As for the few so-called “indies” out there, they are quickly learning that Marty Rathbun, far from being a “counselor,” is just your run-of-the-mill scam.

Mark Marty Rathbun Descent into Abyss

“Marty Rathbun’s descent into the abyss of insanity was by no means a sudden, over-the-edge plunge.Few were able to see his slow and inexorable slide into the depths of irreversible irrationality.

For years Rathbun managed to keep his madness hidden. His cleverness had grown all but demonic and what he unleashed was kept isolated and behind closed doors.

But by winter of 2004, the year of his desertion from the Church, he could no longer keep his malady veiled. The cunning was gone, the rage unchecked, and so it was that a whole host of co-workers finally bore witness to what Rathbun had become. That was the evening when all of them shockingly saw, and then promptly stopped, his attempt to kill Mike Rinder with his bare hands.

Marty Rathbun Has NO Clue

If there is one truth that Marty Rathbun does not want people to find out, it’s this; It’s great to be a Scientologist. People like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder waste their time nattering, and trying to get other s to natter. They have lost whatever sick game they are playing in life, and so they must make everyone around them feel as downtrodden as they do. They do this by spreading vicious lies about the Church of Scientology, because they see the Church and its members having real wins in life. Marty‘s “wins” are all about natter and harm to others.

People who are really involved in Scientology will tell you how great it is. They love to discuss their wins with others, as well as hearing about others wins. These people are playing the game” Clear the Planet” while Marty Rathbun can only play the game of “enturbulate others until they feel as bad as i do inside”.

There is no “group” as Rathbun claims it to be. There are only whiners and malcontents who are focused on seeing other people lose in life because they have given up. Where you have people coming together to discuss real wins, and solutions to problems, you have real Scientology. Being in a group where you see others have wins every day, that’s Scientology, and that’s why it’s great to be a Scientologist.

Marty Rathbun, Revising The Facts

Marty Rathbun will do just about anything to forward his propaganda campaign against the Church of Scientology. One tactic used by Rathbun is delivering a never ending supply of paranoid rants via his blog. Often times, these rants end up sounding like mystic oracles coming from Delphi, warning others of dangers to come.

Rathbun has also enlisted the help of a bizarre assortment of apostates, perverts, squirrels, drug users, human rights violators, and outright Scientology haters who want to destroy the religion. These people make up the “group of Independents” that Marty constantly refers to.

On top of all this, Marty Rathbun lies about every little thing. Rathbun tells stories from when he was in the Church, making sure that he adds plenty of false details and motives in attempts to discredit the Church. Rathbun is only focused on keeping himself afloat, and he lies, and distorts reality in order to do so.

Warm The Public About Marty

Marty Rathbun shows signs of intense paranoia. The public is being cautioned to stay far away from Rathbun, as he is known to be easily set off. Rathbun is infamous for violent fits of rage, and using excessive force.

Rathbun often mumbles to himself in public, and occasionally needs to be ushered away from a situation by his wife, Mosey Rathbun. Marty is a highly unstable individual, whose behavior and personality is becoming more erratic and violent each day.

It is being cautioned that great distance be kept from Marty Rathbun. This is simply for the safety of the public.

Mike Rinder in The Squirrel Zone

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