Marty Rathbun Splintering For Profit

far from just trying to splinter a particular area of Scientology, Marty wants to splinter it all. Anywhere that he or his sycophantic sub-SPs can reach into and try to influence Scientologist in good standings is a target area for Marty.

The personal profit motive is obvious with Rathbun. Aside from the fact that he’s making a living attacking LRH and Scientology (talk about “vampiring” that he likes to accuse others of!) he’s also taken money for his media attacks, continues to try to get money from bogus lawsuits against the Church, and works harder and harder every day to work towards that big payoff-to-go-away that Rathbun and Rinder think they’re ultimately going to get.

Discuss Mark Marty Rathbun

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