Mark Rathbun – Let's define "slapped around"

Mark Rathbun slapp


“I had my share of people that I slapped around too. I don’t feel good about it. And I seek them out and I try to apologize where I can.”  – Mark Rathbun to the SP Times

Rathbun puts a new spin on what “slapped around” means. He tells the SP Times that he has done his share of “slapping people around,” but didn’t define those words.

He then goes on to make the most outrageous accusations against others about physical violence. He takes the datum “THE CRIMINAL ACCUSES OTHERS OF THINGS WHICH HE HIMSELF IS DOING” to a whole new level.

So let’s define Rathbun’s “slap around” from Rathbun’s Redefinition of Words Dictionary:

1. “I berated Mike Rinder for showing no ethics change. I told him he was CI [counter intention] and had withholds and better start coming clean. When I got a BIs [bad indicators] response I grabbed him by the lapels and rammed him against the door.”

That’s a good definition for “slap around.”

2. “I interrogated [name] with Mike Rinder and… I slammed him against the wall hard, and pinned his head against the wall with a firm grip on his jaw while I cursed at him loudly.”

So “slap around” means slamming someone against a wall hard and pinning his head against the wall. I got it! I guess Mike Rinder understood it then as he was “slapping around” with you.

3. “I abused [name] on 20 occasions making him introverted and less effective. I severely laid into [name] in an abusive fashion, cursing and invalidating him very loudly….  I denigrated him…15 times…. On 7 occasions, I boxed [name’s] ears or wrestled him to the ground.   Once I hurt one of his ears pretty severely where I could tell it hurt him throughout the rest of the day.”

Now there’s a very good definition.

3. “I abused and invalidated [name] to the point of harming her confidence. I did invalidative upbraidings on [name]…  On those occasions, I went beyond simply pointing out what was wrong with her actions and invalidated her personally with insults to her intelligence, and questioning her intentions.”

An excellent definition, Marty!

4. “I roughed up [name] on three occasions…I threw him up against a wall when he backflashed me …  I then grabbed him and forcibly led him outside into private for a tongue lashing.  I chased him and tackled him down the stairs and shoved his head into the corner holding his jaw for several seconds…I grabbed  [name] by the shirt and lifted him into a wall…”

Wow! What a definition. I am really starting to get the meaning.

5. “I roughed up [name]. I threw him across a table.”

Hmm. I get it. “Slap around” means throwing a person across a table.

Definitions 7 through 100 are a little too outrageous to include. But let’s take a look at here’s how others defined Rathbun’s “slap around”:

“Marty screamed at me, reached over the desk and grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me out of my chair across the desk, dragging me down the table knocking over books, kits and everything on the table. After he dragged me across tables, he threw me up against a wall and screamed at me more. I was not even sure what he wanted me to say, but I was physically abused to the point where I was very scared as I was much smaller than him and I was willing to say anything at that point. He then grabbed me suddenly again and dragged me across a wall knocking off a picture and threw me through 2 doors and down a flight of stairs. At that point I broke down and started crying and asked him to please stop.  His conduct was shocking and actually psychotic.”

Someone Who Upset Him

“I worked as Marty Rathbun’s Secretary….  In order to intimidate staff, he used violence and physical threats. During conferences he would go into violent outbreaks and rages. In one particular instance when he did not like the answer he received, he got pissed off and went into a rage, ripped the phone out of the wall and threw it across the conference room table so it hit the shelf and only barely missed a staff member. In other instances he threw an uncapped highlighter at a staff member, leaving marks on the wall and again only barely missing the person. At the same time he was threatening them in a loud voice with breaking their legs and uttering expletives. He would also be belittling and ridiculing to the point where I just didn’t want to be near him as it was likely going to become physically and mentally painful.

“In one instance I saw him physically attacking a staff member and slamming him against the wall when the staff member wasn’t answering what Rathbun wanted to hear. In another instance he tackled another staff member and physically threw him to the ground, because Rathbun was not satisfied with the answer he was given.”

A Former Secretary (with the emphasis on “former”)

“Let’s put Rathbun into the correct perspective. Without a doubt, this man is psychotic. He’s a psychotic and a bully.

“He used to constantly dramatize a scene out of The Honeymooners TV show—the part where Jackie Gleeson threatens to hit someone with the lines “One of these days Alice…pow! to the moon!” It was uncanny. Rathbun would say the lines and go through the motions of socking somebody and then laugh out loud. But he would then do this same action in real life, without acting.

“You could be standing up in front of him making a report while he sat behind his desk and if he didn’t like what you were saying, he would all of a sudden flip, start clenching his jaw and fists and start shaking and suddenly come round the desk and let loose with a punch. At least 5 or 6 times he did this to me—came round the desk with his right arm winding up for a punch and punched me real hard. Once he hit me full force in the chest so hard, it sent me reeling back to collide with the counter and fall backwards to strike my head on a wall-shelf. I saw stars and hurt my back.

“On perhaps a dozen occasions, Rathbun had broken out in a fit of rage and came rampaging into my office while I was working. From behind me, for no reason at all, and with no warning to alert me, he would swipe me from behind the head, often dealing a severe blow.

“On more than one occasion he came running into my office and from behind, took a massive football kick at my chair and sent me sprawling onto the ground and then started yelling at me while kicking me on the ground.

“On 3 or 4 occasions, in a conference with other people present, he dived across the conference room table and knocked me off my chair onto the floor and then started punching me and kicking and yelling at me.

“He was really nuts on the subject of physical violence. And then to top it, he would come by a few hours later and say, “Hi, how’s it going?” and be smiling and put his arm around me.  It was like some horror movie and frankly some of the most fearful times of my life.

“Once he spoke to me about the beatings and told me that I was committing a massive transgression on him because he didn’t want to do this, but I was making him hit me and thus making him commit an overt. This was really psycho and I started avoiding him all I could because I did not know what he would do next.”

A Man in his 60s

“He was a vicious person—I know, as he was vicious with me and he terrorized people.

“This is a person that has violently attacked me for no reason on more than one occasion. In one instance Rathbun personally attacked me, causing me physical harm and bounced me from a wall.

“In another instance, he punched me and banged my head into a wall, inadvertently knocking a photo down. This not only cut my head but was mortifying. Rathbun, true to his ways, made a point that I ‘should fix the picture I damaged’ which shows his demented state.

“I have seen Mark Rathbun jump on a staff member and bring him to the ground, and I experienced the displeasure of such actions from him myself. He operated to create fear and inflict punishment. If you talk about culture, his culture is not with us.”  –  Ex-Associate (with the emphasis on “ex”)

So those are some of what he meant by “slap around” to clean any misunderstood you might have had.

Oh, one more thing.  A further clarification Rathbun made about his definition of “slap around” was that he did this to staff when the Chairman of the Board was not around:

“I did things behind Chairman of the Board’s back. He didn’t know what I was doing.

“I engaged in a campaign to covertly and systematically take out and undermine any executive or staff who might expose me.” – Mark Rathbun

Now I get what Rathbun meant by, “I had my share of people that I slapped around.”

“I created an operating climate of fear. I put on a tough-guy beingness, unfriendly, suspicious and menacing virtually everywhere I went. I went around with a scowl like I was ready to knock anybody’s block off who made a wrong move.”  – Mark Rathbun


“The APPARENT pattern of insane behavior is to come in (ask for processing, go on staff, etc.) with the advertised intention of being helped or helping, then mess up either as a pc or on post, then state how bad it all is and leave.  It looks obvious enough. He came, found it bad, left.

“That is only the APPARENT behavior.  APPARENT REASONS.

“Based on numerous cases, this is the real cycle.  Hearing of something good that might help these hateful, awful, rotten, nasty people, the psycho comes in, wrecks this, upsets that, caves in this one, chops up that one, and WHEN SOMEBODY SAYS “NO!” the psychotic either:

“a.  caves himself in physically or

“b.  runs away.

“The psychotic is motivated by intent to harm.

“If he realizes he is harming things he shouldn’t, he caves himself in.  If he is afraid he will be found out, he runs.

“In the psychotic the impulse is quite conscious.”


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