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The Rat Mark Marty Rathbun

Marty Rathbun’s internet postings follow a predictable pattern.
When not venting about the “injustices” done to him (those of his own making), he sometimes features a mind-numbing post from some so-called adherent of his self-styled “indie” group. They are long and tedious diatribes written by nobodies, often chock full of basic spelling and grammar mistakes.
In a word, they are dreadful.
That these people gave up on the Church years, if not decades ago, doesn’t matter to Rathbun. It gives him fodder for his blog and, presumably, a new “counseling” client to pay him a few bucks.
But recently Rathbun’s clientele has significantly declined. There could be multiple reasons for such a decline.
First, Rathbun i sjust lazy – something that his best good buddy Mike Rinder perfected into an art form. Rathbun’s personal history since being removed from the Church in 2004 also shows us a slothful streak.

Living off an inheritance, Rathbun became a drifter, spending all his money on junk food and motels before taking up residence in the Texas Gulf area. When the money ran dry, the former external affairs staffer worked a series of odd jobs – as a newspaper cub reporter and a beer hawker in a ballpark, among others.

These jobs were perfect for Marty as they require little effort, and no resume is necessary. In fact, they were the only jobs available to someone like Marty Rathbun.

Even acquiring a girlfriend was just a few clicks away. After a couple of dates, a fake wedding, a drunken and disorderly honeymoon in New Orleans and the rest is history. Along the way “wife” Monique got a new name, “Mosey.” The derivation of that name could even have something to do with Rathbun’s laziness in “Could you mosey over to the fridge and grab me a beer, honey?” Anything’s possible.

Another reason might be his horrific “counseling abilities” and his clients have began to experience bad “counseling” and are indeed smelling a rat. As a self-proclaimed guru, Rathbun is little more than a legend in his own mind with no bona fides to establish him as a counselor of anything.
Ironically, Rathbun’s “father-in-law” James Banks is in the counseling business in New York, but at least he has an education which gives him state licensing to run his enterprise. It would be curious to learn what Banks thinks of his “son-in-law” being in the business, so to speak, given that Rathbun is just a non-certified freelancer with an Internet hook-up.
Yet another reason for Rathbun’s lack of clientele might be his “warrior” personality. Rathbun has admitted that he sees himself as a warrior who is at his best when there are wars to be waged and battles to be fought. Others might differ with that observation, pointing out that Rathbun is at his worst as a warrior because that’s when he does the most damage to innocent parties.

Whatever the case, the wars are over and the world has moved on. As for the few so-called “indies” out there, they are quickly learning that Marty Rathbun, far from being a “counselor,” is just your run-of-the-mill scam.


Mike Rinder Sold out his own Parents

Here are a few words written about Mike Rinder by his Mother Barbara. Barbara Rinder fought very strong for Scientologist’s rights in her home country of Australia.

Mike Rinder Sold Out His Own Parents

by Barbara Rinder
We have never done anything to Mike to make his life harder to live. Quite the contrary — We gave him unconditional love and support for over 50 years. Could Mike even imagine what his father would say if he were alive? After all we have fought for?

Mike Rinder: Failure of Human Rights

Mike Rinder has been posting quite a bit on the blog of Marty Rathbun lately. Rinder seems to believe that the Church’s work with Human Rights groups is ironic. The real question is, what could be more ironic than that sort of claim coming from Mike Rinder? Unless perhaps it came from Marty Rathbun. We take a look at yet another letter put out by Rinder‘s wife, revealing the true nature of this monster.

Mike Rinder’s Attitude Toward Children

by Cathy Rinder

One aspect of Mike Rinder’s past that puts many things into perspective and sheds light on his true personality regarding children and his attitude towards them.

When our daughter was an infant Mike did not like the fact that she cried at night when she was hungry. This incident epitomizes them all. When our daughter cried in the middle of the night I didn’t get up fast enough and Mike got pissed off. He got up and angrily grabbed our infant daughter and held her high up shaking her to get her to stop crying.

Of course, she cried more and was extremely upset. He was yelling at her to shut up and definitely wanted nothing to do with her and didn’t care.

He only cared about himself and his beauty sleep, which was usual for Mike Rinder.

I remember reading “Attitude Toward Children” in Science of Survival not long after the following incident and couldn’t help but to immediately think of Mike Rinder:

“At 1.5 we enter the band of brutal treatment of children, heavy corporal punishment, the forcing of the child into a mold with pain, breaking his dramatizations, upset about his noise or clutter.”

The truth is, he never really loved his children nor did he care.

Marty Rathbun And Mike Rinder Celebrate Destructive Qualities

You will not hear any good news from Marty Rathbun or Mike Rinder. The only “good” news they report is when they revel in the aparent destruction of something. Rathbun and Rinder relay sensational entheta as though it were “fact” because they have convinced themselves it is so. One can look at every criticism issued by Rathbun and Rinder and see what they themselves are up to. The Criminal Mind sees others as it sees itself. Rathbun and Rinder criticize others for lying and painting false pictures because they are aware that that’s what they are dong.

As out-exchange non-producers, Rathbun and Rinder will issue a lot of claims about others being out exchange and not producing. Mark and Mike simply look at themselves and then accuse others of their own crimes. This is a sad, veiled attempt at trying to make themselves appear to be something they are not.

Rathbun and Rinder are only concerned with destruction. They view this as a positive act. The effort to destroy is the only quality that is celebrated by these two Criminal Minds.

Mike Rinder Stats as a Father

Mike Rinder is a truly degraded being. His own family has been speaking out against him. Here is a letter from his daughter, Taryn.

Mike Rinder & Christie Collbran’s kids – The Saddest Part of the Story
by Taryn Rinder

I have been more than curious for a long time as to what Christie Collbran sees in my father, Mike Rinder, that would make her throw away her entire life, as well as her son’s and future child’s lives.

I am only a year younger than Christie so I have a reality on life in the early 30’s. Knowing Mike, it tells me a lot about her and why she hooked up with him.

Mike Rinder is 56 years old. He has already lived out the best physical years of his life and has potential medical situations such as diabetes. When I saw Mike in April 2010 the first thing I noticed was how unfit he was, with a grey pallor to his skin and how his eye whites were turning cloudy and were no longer clear and bright. This is a sign of diabetes, which, again, is hereditary in his family. His hair has turned gray and his face is fat and wrinkled as well as his neck. I also noticed his hands are taking on the distorted look of early arthritis.

I know some women gravitate to older men for some father figure type of gratification and would assume that Christie misses her father. Beats me!

I started to think how weird it will be when her child Shane becomes a teenager and his “father” is at retiring age. And then there is the future one coming on down the line, I wonder what that kid is going to think.

Out of compassion, I feel that Christie has the right to know that Mike has physical issues and these are hereditary. In addition to diabetes, his family has hereditary heart problems of a severe nature.

She can assess her own future as well as for the future of her son and future child and what consequences from this relationship lie in store — just by what my brother, mother and I had to live with. And I mean consequences as a family. Here are the facts.

Mike Rinder’s statistics as a father:

I had a sister. In 1982 she died as an infant. A trauma for my mother and I, especially as I was a young child. He was not there for either of us. My mom cared for and helped me through this as did my friends. But Mike, my own father, never even talked to me about it.

I remember after my sister’s death, my mom asked him to pick up photos she had taken of my sister. Mike went to the store to pick these up and then got rid of them and lied to my mom that “there was no film in the camera.” Yet, the one thing that would have helped us heal, would be to have some remembrance of her. He took that away from us. At the time it was clear to me, even as a child, that he had other priorities than us, or his job, and he showed no emotion at his own child’s death.

In 1987 I was hit by a car in a hit-and-run accident and was very seriously hurt. I didn’t go to school for a year due to the severity of the injuries and recovery time, physical therapy etc. There was his daughter, in intensive care with a fractured skull, broken bones, etc. and he did not bother to visit me. My mom, she was there, 24 hours a day until I was better. I would wake up screaming in the hospital bed, it was my mom and her only by my side.

My younger brother had melanoma, given a year to live. He is now recovered and doing great due to Scientology and the help of his many friends in the church. Mike wouldn’t even see my mom when she went to see him to tell him about it and he did not ask after his well being even after he did find out (from the St Pete Times no less). He went with Marty and tried to bully his way in to see Ben, in April 2010, but only to save face for himself. NOT because he cared for Ben. He will do the same to Shane if it comes to it. If he has to “prove” something to save his own face, he will not hesitate to go so far as to enturbulate and upset his own family members.

He has always had a tendency to just generally enturbulate his kids. For example, he would take me and my brother out in the car and start speeding and driving recklessly “for fun.” In one instance, he was driving me and my brother down from Big Bear Mountains in the snow, speeding and driving so fast that my brother started throwing up. Mike’s response was to laugh at him and call him a “baby.” Yet he put our lives at risk and knew it. This is how he treated his kids.

By the sheer fact of Mike’s actions and his daily affairs, Shane Collbran is being pulled into this mess and this will affect him and god knows what lies in store for the future child.

He fooled me and everyone I know who cared about him. I see he’s fooled Christie too.

The saddest observation of my life was seeing my father not loving anyone.

The saddest part of all this is will he fool Shane and his future sibling?

Rinders Time is Running Out

Mike Rinder at Work

Mike Rinder’s Clock is Ticking

The clock is ticking on Robert Almblad’s “Public Relations Director” Mike Rinder.

Almblad and his creative director Susan Clickner – who doubles as the married inventor’s girlfriend – are feeling intense pressure to market their so-called “safe ice” machine.

Rinder, whose web site slogan is “Read it in the Headlines,” has done little to market the ice machine for his boss.

The one and only mainstream media placement Mike Rinder was able to orchestrate for the machine was almost two years ago – buried on the business page of a provincial Florida newspaper.

And Almblad was clearly agitated, and embarrassed, when Rinder lost his composure earlier this year and physically attacked a visitor to a Miami convention where his boss was exhibiting the ice machine.

Now, a clearly frustrated Rinder has reached out to an editor at an obscure weekly newspaper blog to write about the ice machine.

It’s clearly a head-scratching maneuver given that the little-read blog is featured on a web site where serious players in the ice machine industry will never see it.

Rinder, by all accounts, has clearly exhausted his public relations options, leaving little or nothing for him to do for the Almblad operation.

Prior to being hired by Robert Almblad, Mike Rinder’s worked at a South Florida internet business that went bust.

Before that he sold Toyotas.

Mike Rinder is a Suppressive Person

How can you pretend to support Scientology, when by your very actions you are involved in committing suppressive acts?

If we posed this question to Mike Rinder, the answer is obvious. Mike Rinder has committed so many serious overts against Scientology, and his Family that he can’t even see when his actions are in violation of the most basic codes set forth by LRH. Rinder has become degraded to the point of Moral blindness.

Mike Rinder recently took part in a debate on Scientology in Ireland, but what does LRH have to say on the matter?

“A Scientologist, when addressing public groups, would never under any circumstances confuse his communication line by engaging in a debate from the floor or closing terminals with any persons who would care to heckle him. By simply ignoring such people, one continues to talk to the bulk of the people who are themselves very interested. When anyone causes an unseemly upset, it is rarely difficult to have the person removed from the group. In other words, either ignore him or removed him. Don’t engage in a debate with him.”

“Similarly, no Scientologist would ever consent to take a position on a panel or on a stage engaging in a debate of Scientology versus some other subject. This is an entirely unclear communication line. People are not interested in a debate. They are interested, if they are there at all, in Scientology. Why, therefore, give some other subjects an audience before which it could air its views? In the last five years I have turned down innumerable offers of debates, for I have found out that Dianetics or Scientology was the attraction and that medicine or psychology was using the public interest in this new subject in order to further their own aims, and that any such debate engaged upon demeaned and degraded Scientology by permitting it to be talked about contemptuously before a group – a thing which SHOULD NEVER BE PERMITTED.” – LRH – The Scientologist A Manual On The Dissemination Of Scientology

It is pretty hard to alter-is the meaning of that passage – you don’t debate Scientology.

Why provide a forum for bunch of entheta merchants?

But Mike Rinder and his master, Marty Rathbun, think they know better than LRH. Mike Rinder reads the above LRH instructions and either:

a) alter-ises it and sees some other meaning that is not there (called dub-in) or

b) understands what the passage says but violates it anyway by justifying the overt it and dreaming up motivators that makes it OK (called delusion).

Mike Rinder‘s overts are the only factor that caused him to blow himself out of the Sea Org, Scientology, and even his own family.