Marty Rathbun Agents Uncovered

two Marty Rathbun agents were uncovered for spying on behalf of Rathbun Inc. The agents, Dani and Tami Lemberger, have been pretending to fly under the radar for some time while stabbing their fellow Scientologists in the back.

They were brought under ecclesiastical justice for their dishonesty and as soon as they received notification of their expulsion from the Church their puppeteer, Marty Rathbun, hooked them up with Tony Ortega, an individual who so obsessed with Scientology that he has become incapable of reporting honest journalism like, for instance, his own employer (Village Voice Media) profiting off sex-trafficking minor girls through online ads placed in their publications.

According to an article entitled, Ortega’s ethics called into question over “sex with source” scandal, Ortega has been having an affair with one of the Village Voice sources, Arielle Silverstein

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