Mark Marty Rathbun The Aberrative Personality

If you think you see Marty Rathbun described in the following quotes, you’re right.

LRH said, in “On Human Behavior” (1953)

“What we call the aberrative personality does the following things:

1. Everything bad that happened to the preclear was (a) ridiculous, (b) unimportant, c) deserved.

2. Everything the preclear and others did to the aberrative person was (a) very important, (b) very bad, c) irremediable.

3. Those things which the preclear could do (a) were without real value, (b) were done better by the aberrative personality or by others.”

You can see that this describes virtually every pronouncement Marty Rathbun makes regarding the Church and its executives and members. On a more intimate level, this is even the way he treats people who try to comment on his blog with a differing opinion.

Rathbun may talk a good game, but a direct look at him and what he does will show you that he himself is not at all capable of doing things better. In fact, he’s not capable of producing products at all. Marty Rathbun (and his guard dog Rinder) are only capable of criticizing and complaining about the production of others. They have no real products or stats.

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