Marty Rathbun Dealing Suppression

Commenters keep wondering why Marty Rathbun and friends never can seem to get any “training” or “auditing” services going. The day-to-day actions of this little group of apostates seems to be commiserating over their state and complaining about “the Church.” That’s their focus, that’s what they create, and none of them are moving at all in Scientology despite the charade they conduct about being “Scientologists” and paying lip-service to wanting to get case gain.

Each effort by Rathbun’s minions to set up a training “academy” has failed for lack of attendance. Try as they might to get something like this going (they need it to boost their false PR facade) they just can’t get other no-gain-cases to attend. It’s not just that it requires hard work and that the “friends” they draw to themselves have already proven themselves to be unwilling to do that. It’s that the “group” they are creating is composed of people who failed when they had the chance to get REAL tech, due to their own out-ethics actions.

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