Marty on the Edge

UPDATE – From all that Rathbun complains and whines and acts the victim over what’s “been done to him” when he was in the Church, you would think he was very poorly treated indeed. He just never seems to stop finding things to criticize or complain about.

You might have even believed his self-pitying whimpering about how bad it all is over there until you realized that he needed to manufacture fantasies about being the effect of terrible, unforgivable acts against him.

But when you know the truth of how well Rathbun was actually treated, how the Church bent over backwards to care for him and help him rehabilitate himself, providing him with facilities, relaxation, and even luxuries that few ever receive, you can see that the outrageous complaints that Rathbun has issued since are simply an indicator of his need for motivators, and have no basis in the truth. He still – to this day – has to find some way to justify his own heinous actions that were hidden by him for so long.

Marty Rathbun’s own legal ineptitude, destructive results, malicious efforts against fellow staff, and, yes, polished campaign to make himself look like a valuable contributor rather than the one-man wrecking-crew he actually was, cause him to manufacture these outrageous claims.

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