The Idiocy of Morons

Imagine walking into an org and saying to the execs and staff, “You’re off-policy. You don’t deliver any Intro Courses, you don’t have a separate course room for all the many courses of Scientology, you don’t have Setting up a Session and an E-meter, an auditing room.” And asked if the auditing room (that was -15 degrees) was okay to be audited in, your answer was “Get lost. I won’t be audited in this room unless I wore a Kanuk parka” and their response was, “No, no, no, no. The LRH policy on quarters is that we can’t spend more than we’re making and this is what we can afford. But we do keep it clean. And that’s all we need to do.”

And that is the level of mentality of Rathbun, Rinder and their gang of idiots and morons.

If there was one thing that these idiots prove is their stupidity of policy. To this day, none of them can pass a checkout on HCO PL 13 March 1965 Issue III, STRUCTURE OF ORGANIZATION, WHAT IS POLICY?

“The only reason anyone fights good policy is they’re too stupid or too inexperienced in an org to understand it. Unable to grasp it, they are too lazy to work at trying. They miss words, don’t see reasons, imagine situations are otherwise and in general can’t grasp it. So they try not to use it or dream up their own.”

That is Rathbun. That is Rinder. That is their idiot companions.

They can’t grasp or duplicate:

“POLICY is a rule or procedure or a guidance which permits the BASIC PURPOSE to succeed.”

Their basic purpose is not good. It is against the greatest good.

Neither they nor their minions will ever stop the BASIC PURPOSE of Scientology, its orgs, Ideal Orgs nor the International Association of Scientologists.

It doesn’t take an idiot to see their basic purposes are evil ones. Even a moron can see that.

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