Textbook Squirrel Rathbun

Marty Rathbun has never had clean hands with regards to Scientology. He’s admitted to some of the most despicable (and hidden) acts while he was pretending to be a legitimate staff member. He has a self-admitted history of a bizarre and often self-invented technical actions when he had access to a genuine e-meter, and left a trail of people needing extensive repair, when they didn’t in fact abandon their Bridges altogether after his “handlings.”

Now that he’s blown far from any ethics oversight, Rathbun would have us believe that his hands are now clean, and his efforts to “salvage” Scientology sincere and pure.

His actions and “products” tell the real tale, however. Broken relationships, drug reversions, alcoholism, backbiting, and of course the de rigeur Church-bashing are the normal Rathbun results of his “services.”

Most of his daily actions to slander the Church and honest members of it are textbook violations of Suppressive Acts as laid out in policy by LRH. One of Rathbun’s favorites is his self-promoted desire to “save” Scientology, which he apparently feels he will do by employing reverse-Dianetics, implanting techniques, group hypnotism (even these ideas he squirrels) and bizarre applications of specious propaganda techniques.

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