Marty Squirrel Rathbun And His Thieves

“Far-flung members of our organization often ask themselves (if they think about it at all) what they are buying with their book purchases or their courses or their processing. For one thing, they are buying the least costly and most important job of research which has ever been done on this planet. The real reason that Central Organizations process people for a fee and train people for a fee is to disseminate the capabilities and abilities of Scientology. But the secondary reason, which becomes primary in the Central Organizations, is to buy organization itself and to advance the science. The reason that we object to “squirrels,” people like the Communist Association of Dianetic Auditors in California, is because they do not pay their way. We find their papers full of the materials which were hard won by myself and the Central Organizations and yet we have nothing but debits on our records to show that they passed our way. These people have as their major fault no cognizance of effort. These people also have given us ample experience of financial irresponsibility. People such as our best-known squirrels are perfectly willing to snatch our hard-won materials and misuse them, but they are not willing to support the effort which brought these materials into being. In other words, their existence is parasitic. Completely aside from the perversion of materials, this is what we have against them. Fortunately they number one in thousands. Their lies, stupidities, vilifications are all a statement that they are unwilling to pay for what they use. They are cheap. The rest of us paid our way and we have won.”

L. Ron Hubbard

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