Marty Rathbun: 2011 Review

2011 was a full year of Marty Rathbun foot-bullets, screaming outpoints, and efforts to manufacture controversies that don’t exist. The year started out with bright, sparkling, false purposes for Rathbun – purposes that make social personalities wince – and ended with none of them achieved.

Marty Rathbun started the year by announcing a training revolution for squirrels: new facilities, supervisors, low prices, none of those pesky LRH checksheets, etc.

The facilities were in far-out never heard of locations. No one came. Rathbun himself promoted his own facility near the Shack, and couldn’t get anyone to come. The supervisors turned out to be either unqualified or had been RPFed multiple times for out-Tech, proponents of bizarre training/auditing ceremonies (auditing over the internet? Really? Did you guys do ANY meter drills?) or all of the above.

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