Mike Rinder Breaks Into Mother’s Home

Mike Rinder- I Don’t Care If I Wasn’t Invited

by Taryn Rinder

Last year, my father was in Melbourne, Australia, where his mother and brother also lived. They were not in town.

Totally unannounced and with no pre-warning Mike and Christi (the 30-something year old who he is living with) showed up at his mother’s residence and lied their way into my grandmother’s room at her nursing home (she is in her 80s). This was a calculated act on his part as he knows she despises what he has become and how he has treated his family and our church and how much this would upset her.

Mike took someone into my grandmother’s room that she doesn’t even know or like and allowed Christi to look and touch my grandmother’s personal things.

Hearing my grandmother tell me what they did disgusted me. She herself told me she felt “violated by her own son.” She told me in exact specifics what papers were moved in her drawer, what was sitting differently or moved in her room. This was devastating to her. The distress Mike caused his mother tells the story of who he is and the lengths he will go to harm those who were closest to him.

To know he would so willingly, with no regard, enturbulate his own mother, further proved to me that he really does not care about anyone or love any of us.

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