Marty Rathbun: Coal for Christmas

Marty Rathbun is motivated by money, and he’s on the rant again about Scientology using its money to survive well. This is something that Rathbun cannot abide. He himself does not survive well, and knows it. He is obsessed with money and can never have the money he seeks.

Marty Rathbun shows himself to be a classic bully railing against his intended victims for daring to defend themselves. Rathbun the bully just wants his victims to take what he dishes out and die. The real crime that Rathbun sees is the Church being there and communicating.

Before you think that Marty Rathbun couldn’t be so petty as to resent the Church of Scientology and whine about it broadly for accomplishing what he simply can’t, note this: while the Church of Scientology is able to make it’s actual intentions and activities known to Federal authorities, Rathbun can’t even get their attention.

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