Marty Rathbun: Cry Wolf Campaign

The only outlets that will carry Marty Rathbun’s repulsive accusations and reports are those who specialize in tabloid journalism. Marty‘s intention to enturbulate others has become so transparent that only others who have similar intentions will bother to associate with Rathbun. Once considered an “inside source” by mainstream media, Marty has lost any credibility after his prolonged “cry wolf” campaign. As Marty‘s rumors and claims have become more and more outlandish over the years, his words have fallen on an increasing number of deaf ears.

So what to do if you hear some of these disgusting rumors and “reports”? Keep in mind what LRH said about these things as far back as 1955, and realize that they are nothing new, and that these too shall fade.

“The group occasionally wants to know something about other Scientologists. They have heard things. Those inquiries about myself are best answered in this wise: that in all Ron’s experience with rumors and stories about himself, he has yet to hear one single story come back to him in a form which even vaguely approached the truth or the circumstances about which it was told, and he has heard many, many things which did not happen at all.

Thus, it is the case with Scientologists at large. Many things are said about them, but they have this experience every now and then that one of these stories comes back to them and when it comes back to them they will not recognize the incident.

It happens that it is the tone level of the general public that scandal and untruth take precedence. I ask you to consult the Chart of Human Evaluation and you will discover in that chart that truth does not exist below the level of 2.0. Therefore, why should you be surprised that so many twisted stories are circulated? They are circulated about you as a Scientologist as well as about me as the Founder of Scientology. Standing together we can best this vagary of human communication lines. The example is set for the public by its newspapers, which themselves offer little but untruths.

And I call to your attention that courts do not admit hearsay evidence. They have learned, after long experience, that they can only accept what the witness himself has observed and that they can never accept what the witness has heard that somebody else observed. Hearsay evidence, that evidence which simply recounts what somebody else has said he observed, is not admissible in courts of law anywhere in the civilized world and has not been since Roman times. Compare this, then, to the communication line of hearsays in terms of rumors and find that there is little to be gained in either clarifying or forwarding such rumors.”


(Excerpt from The Scientologist, A Manual On The Dissemination Of Material, March 1955)

You will find no truth with Marty Rathbun, or any of his associates, as they are all well below 2.0 on the tone scale.

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