The White House is Laughing At Marty

Marty Rathbun recently took to his blog to lash out at the the “corrupt Obama administration” as Rathbun puts it. The Obama Administration had the administrative sanity to recognize Rathbun’s off-line dev-t and put it on a proper line and he madly turns the action into a conspiratorial generality and labels the entire Administration “corrupt.”

Marty is just angry that his half baked plan didn’t work out the way he was sure it would. And once it all came tumbling down around him what do we hear from Marty? The usual ‘well my hands didn’t write the petition to begin with’, and of course, ‘well their system is corrupt from the top down, not me and my friends’. Marty will be crying about something else soon enough to try and distract from this utter failure.

Discuss Mark Marty Rathbun

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