Marty Rathbun Has NO Clue

If there is one truth that Marty Rathbun does not want people to find out, it’s this; It’s great to be a Scientologist. People like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder waste their time nattering, and trying to get other s to natter. They have lost whatever sick game they are playing in life, and so they must make everyone around them feel as downtrodden as they do. They do this by spreading vicious lies about the Church of Scientology, because they see the Church and its members having real wins in life. Marty‘s “wins” are all about natter and harm to others.

People who are really involved in Scientology will tell you how great it is. They love to discuss their wins with others, as well as hearing about others wins. These people are playing the game” Clear the Planet” while Marty Rathbun can only play the game of “enturbulate others until they feel as bad as i do inside”.

There is no “group” as Rathbun claims it to be. There are only whiners and malcontents who are focused on seeing other people lose in life because they have given up. Where you have people coming together to discuss real wins, and solutions to problems, you have real Scientology. Being in a group where you see others have wins every day, that’s Scientology, and that’s why it’s great to be a Scientologist.

Discuss Mark Marty Rathbun

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