Marty Rathbun, Revising The Facts

Marty Rathbun will do just about anything to forward his propaganda campaign against the Church of Scientology. One tactic used by Rathbun is delivering a never ending supply of paranoid rants via his blog. Often times, these rants end up sounding like mystic oracles coming from Delphi, warning others of dangers to come.

Rathbun has also enlisted the help of a bizarre assortment of apostates, perverts, squirrels, drug users, human rights violators, and outright Scientology haters who want to destroy the religion. These people make up the “group of Independents” that Marty constantly refers to.

On top of all this, Marty Rathbun lies about every little thing. Rathbun tells stories from when he was in the Church, making sure that he adds plenty of false details and motives in attempts to discredit the Church. Rathbun is only focused on keeping himself afloat, and he lies, and distorts reality in order to do so.

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