Rinders Time is Running Out

Mike Rinder at Work

Mike Rinder’s Clock is Ticking

The clock is ticking on Robert Almblad’s “Public Relations Director” Mike Rinder.

Almblad and his creative director Susan Clickner – who doubles as the married inventor’s girlfriend – are feeling intense pressure to market their so-called “safe ice” machine.

Rinder, whose web site slogan is “Read it in the Headlines,” has done little to market the ice machine for his boss.

The one and only mainstream media placement Mike Rinder was able to orchestrate for the machine was almost two years ago – buried on the business page of a provincial Florida newspaper.

And Almblad was clearly agitated, and embarrassed, when Rinder lost his composure earlier this year and physically attacked a visitor to a Miami convention where his boss was exhibiting the ice machine.

Now, a clearly frustrated Rinder has reached out to an editor at an obscure weekly newspaper blog to write about the ice machine.

It’s clearly a head-scratching maneuver given that the little-read blog is featured on a web site where serious players in the ice machine industry will never see it.

Rinder, by all accounts, has clearly exhausted his public relations options, leaving little or nothing for him to do for the Almblad operation.

Prior to being hired by Robert Almblad, Mike Rinder’s worked at a South Florida internet business that went bust.

Before that he sold Toyotas.

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