Mike Rinder is a Suppressive Person

How can you pretend to support Scientology, when by your very actions you are involved in committing suppressive acts?

If we posed this question to Mike Rinder, the answer is obvious. Mike Rinder has committed so many serious overts against Scientology, and his Family that he can’t even see when his actions are in violation of the most basic codes set forth by LRH. Rinder has become degraded to the point of Moral blindness.

Mike Rinder recently took part in a debate on Scientology in Ireland, but what does LRH have to say on the matter?

“A Scientologist, when addressing public groups, would never under any circumstances confuse his communication line by engaging in a debate from the floor or closing terminals with any persons who would care to heckle him. By simply ignoring such people, one continues to talk to the bulk of the people who are themselves very interested. When anyone causes an unseemly upset, it is rarely difficult to have the person removed from the group. In other words, either ignore him or removed him. Don’t engage in a debate with him.”

“Similarly, no Scientologist would ever consent to take a position on a panel or on a stage engaging in a debate of Scientology versus some other subject. This is an entirely unclear communication line. People are not interested in a debate. They are interested, if they are there at all, in Scientology. Why, therefore, give some other subjects an audience before which it could air its views? In the last five years I have turned down innumerable offers of debates, for I have found out that Dianetics or Scientology was the attraction and that medicine or psychology was using the public interest in this new subject in order to further their own aims, and that any such debate engaged upon demeaned and degraded Scientology by permitting it to be talked about contemptuously before a group – a thing which SHOULD NEVER BE PERMITTED.” – LRH – The Scientologist A Manual On The Dissemination Of Scientology

It is pretty hard to alter-is the meaning of that passage – you don’t debate Scientology.

Why provide a forum for bunch of entheta merchants?

But Mike Rinder and his master, Marty Rathbun, think they know better than LRH. Mike Rinder reads the above LRH instructions and either:

a) alter-ises it and sees some other meaning that is not there (called dub-in) or

b) understands what the passage says but violates it anyway by justifying the overt it and dreaming up motivators that makes it OK (called delusion).

Mike Rinder‘s overts are the only factor that caused him to blow himself out of the Sea Org, Scientology, and even his own family.

Discuss Mark Marty Rathbun

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