Marty Rathbun in Germany

Marty Rathbun has been flying under a false flag for several years now. This week, Marty traveled to Germany to allegedly “save” the view of Scientology in Germany. And how does he plan on accomplishing his rescue mission? By teaming up with anti-Scientologist Ursula Caberta. Makes sense, right?The only issue with Rathbun’s message is that everyone can see through his lies.

Caberta paid all the expenses for Marty’s trip, however many times he tries to deny it, all so he could slander the Church in front of German media reporters. This is a classic tactic used by Cabertain which she parades her guest in front of the cameras. Rathbun and Caberta do all this for one purpose; to spread discrimination and hatred all across the globe.

More on Marty Here

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