Marty Rathbun’s road to “hell”

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I was in the SO. For a period I worked on senior lines in the group. I have worked in proximity to COB, as well as to Marty Rathbun.  I didn’t “hang out” with either of them.

I know other people who have gone to Marty Rathbun’s squirrel outfit.  I’m not in touch with any of them, but I see their names and recognize them. When I was on staff, I have sat at dinner tables with them, joked with them, known their husbands and wives, etc. They were teammates.

I also got busted from my post and ended up on the RPF. I’m very familiar with the key in that can occur when you “fall from grace” from that level, as Marty Rathbun and some of these others, like Mike Rinder, did.  That’s tough.

When you are working at that level in Scientology, you get an incredible power flow.  You step into the beingness of your post, into a powerful theta line.

It’s not just that other people look up to you or respect you because of your position. The real havingness of a post like that is that you have this incredible opportunity to be working, every single day, on the lines that are ensuring that man has the chance to go free.  This is very, very real. In one way or another, you spend every day ensuring that your fellow man has standard Scientology. And people have trusted you to carry responsibility in this job we are doing.

It is also, unfortunately, possible to screw up at that level.  And when you screw up, it is not like you made a mistake at a business in Keokuk.  When you commit misdeeds (overts) on a post at that level of the Church, you are committing overts on Scientology itself.

When you do, if you are awake at all, and know the magnitude of your post, these overts have huge negative effects on your universe.  At least it did mine.  And you know how LRH says overts and withholds will cause you to feel critical and make you cave in and go effect?  Well LRH wasn’t just talking about preclears. He was talking about all of us.

That’s a sign of how much LRH really loved his fellow man, and staff members, that he put programs there for staff members to correct themselves, to come out the other side of those overts and walk out the other side of lower conditions, cleaned up and shiny again.  Whether it’s an ethics cycle, a cycle on the decks, doing MEST work and ethics to clean yourself up, or the full RPF program, the tools are there.

I ended up leaving the Sea Org, before I could complete my RPF program.  The reasons why are a long story and have to do with an external situation. But before I left, I did a lot of the RPF program. I audited others and learned that I could make another being better with LRH’s tech. I had the incredible opportunity to watch my preclear’s face get younger as charge just blew from her universe.  As a result, when I came out of the SO, I still had very high affinity for the group and Scientology.

The people I see in the Rathbun’s camp who came from these lines are the people who refused to clean up their side of the trouble they ran into.  More often than not, they got busted from their posts.  They didn’t like it.  Or else they knew they were going to be busted and snuck out a window and ran so they wouldn’t have to confront it.

They didn’t take responsibility.  Instead they stayed stuck in the natter, the ARC breaks, the effect viewpoint, their ultimate motivator.  I want to say I feel for them, in a way.  The idea of being stuck in that would, I think, pretty much fit anyone’s definition of hell.

You could try, you could be really mad at people in the group, you could think and talk a lot about how wrong everyone in the group is and how they did this to you and did that to you.  You can even go on the Internet and find other people saying the same thing and make this your new “reality.”  But it doesn’t matter.  It’s not going to make the overts go away, right Marty?

When someone goes on television and says “Oh yeah, I overspent on a construction project by so many dollars”, this is not a small thing. It is a major betrayal of trust.  Someone else in the group, I guarantee, stepped in to handle it. The project went forward. But it doesn’t make the destructive nature of your actions any less.

When either Marty Rathbun or one of his minions says they took out innocent and well intentioned people and created a culture of fear on the senior lines of the Church, when he says he went into the safe and stole from the Church of Scientology and blew, this is not small. The amount of trust placed in Marty Rathbun was HUGE. The betrayal of that trust was HUGE. He took a high post, he accepted a high trust, and he sabotaged the group, by his own admission. Then he points the finger elsewhere for it.

The road out of it for these guys is the same road it is for all of us – owning up, taking responsibility, making it good with the group you damaged. The hard reality is, until they do, these guys are still going to wake up – every morning – with large overts on Scientology. And what’s worse, now they are going to be committing even more. It is going to get harder and harder for them to own up to the overts, when they are butchering people’s cases with non standard auditing, and publicly attacking the line of truth.

This is called sending yourself down the chute.

I want to say I feel for them, having to wake up with that every day. But I don’t really.  Because the road was always there for them to come out of it.  It’s there for every staff member.  They just didn’t have the guts to walk it.

Amazingly, it is even still there for them. You would think that these people, the people who were entrusted with his technology at the highest levels, and betrayed him and then attacked his lines, would be the last people on Earth that LRH would help. But he even gave them steps – A to E – that they can do to start walking out of the hell they are living in.

They know this. They are looking at that road. And they are just not putting their feet on it.

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  1. You could insert his mugshot in any new article that you write. It would be such a pity to not always see it.

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