Marty Rathbun Arrested!

This is from Marty’s own article on 7/16/2010 (I removed the justifications and make-wrongs for brevity):

“After Independents’ weekend, a beautiful wedding, another wonderful wedding in New York for family, Mosey and I stole off for some private time at our favorite steam-release venue, the Big Easy.

“I have not been able to schedule a day for delivery since the day in April when JB arrived at the shack.

“Last Friday was our last night in New Orleans. I decided to go for broke in releasing steam.

“We found ourselves the perfect r&b venue deep down Bourbon Street. We knocked back Hurricanes till we had the whole place doing the Electric Slide and Cupid’s Shuffle. Then the shots came. I did not know they were 180 proof till the next day when I tracked down the waitress to ask what it was that blindsided me.

“At one point I bolted for the door for some air and space; unfortunately without informing the love of my life, who never would have allowed the following to happen. A kid was dribbling a basketball down the crowded street. You may have heard the racist joke about what happens when you roll a basketball down the street in certain neighborhoods.

“I was raised on hoops and instinctively went and checked* the kid. We both put on ball handling displays while checking one another, and of course talking a lot of trash.

“Some horseback cops showed up and told me it was time to go home. I told them I had to fetch my wife first and headed back for the club. The doorman wouldn’t let me in with no shirt (which I stripped for the hoopless basketball contest). The cops didn’t appreciate my pit stop and pinned me against the wall with their horses. I didn’t tamely submit, though I never laid a hand on anyone.

“I spent the next fourteen hours in the Hole at the Orleans Parish Prison.

“I had approximately 50 cell mates. Most were in for far more serious raps than the drunk and disorderly misdemeanors I was booked on.

“I annoyed and entertained for the first few hours while I was still high as a kite. When it sunk in that I didn’t know where Mosey was and she didn’t know where I was I snapped into sobriety and anxiety.

“When I was quietly lamenting about having no means to find Mosey, a particularly scary looking twenty-something kid with dreds approached me. He was up on his third drug charge (guaranteeing hard time in Angola and guaranteeing disqualification for any meaningful employment for the rest of his life). He gently took me aside and two-way commed me into some rationality.

“There wasn’t a single criminal in that cell whom I did not get along with.

“I have a motion pending to expunge the record in the case. It was done for the SOLE purpose of preventing the church from using it in court.

“I have said it before that I am no angel. I have drawn inspiration from a wide variety of sources. One of them is social activist and rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy.

“I went down for a spell, but I am not out by any means.

*checked = The process by which someone puts another individual in their place verbally or physically either in a joking manner or a serious beatdown – (

34 responses to “Marty Rathbun Arrested!

  1. Oh boy! This guy is an absolute fruitcake. He went psycho on the cops and the horses. I hear some tourist has a video of it and Marty boy ain’t coming clean. Of course all his sycophants are kissing his ass with their typical criminal mind natterfest. Marty is still the psycho he always was and he continues to prove it. I hear the horses got black eyes because Marty thought they were Maritians! Here’s Marty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Give me a break Marty. I tell you what from now on you should call yourself “independent moron”.

    You are really setting a good example, congrats. Are you so fucked up that Jason Beghe had to bail you out with $300? Get a real job man or are you just living off of what Mosey earns? Shame on you.

    • understanding

      It seems to be a common trait of some of these guys … Marty Rathbun doesn’t work, his wife does. Mike Rinder doesn’t work (not sure if his girlfriend does), Tiziano always looked for a woman with money … does he “work” or just trying to get his career “going” while living off of his wife?

  3. Rock on Marty! Once again he proves the point that he is crazy. You should have left his justifications for what he did because it goes to show that he takes zero responsibility for the shit that he does. I guess his buddy Mike will bail him out PR wise. Leave it up to Marty and he will destroy himself in short order.

  4. peace and no war

    So let me get this straight, Marty comes out with a statement of what he did looking like a complete crim and said that he is posting it because the Church will find out about it anyway? As usual he missed the point, if he is so screwed up to get drunk and get arrested who cares if the Church finds out about it. The point is that he is off the rails. I feel sorry for his wife, she has no idea who she married. I guess love is really blind.

    • Marty ONLY “came clean” because he KNEW the Church would find out and expose him. I dislike people that come clean with overs just because they know they have gotten cough, but really no sense of remorse.

      If Marty thought he was not going to be found out, he would not have come clean at all.

      Also, notice how he mentions some of his friends advised him NOT to come clean. Nice crowd.

  5. Marty has proven over and over again that he is dangerous. The man has serious alcohol issues. One of these days he is going to kill someone. Seriously, look at his history of violence, getting drunk and running his car in a ditch, etc. Rather than “giving” counseling he should seek some himself.

    • It all sounded like a typical brawl at a bar with drunk people.

      I love some of the comments on his blog — having a drink relaxes; that sounded like a lot of fun; you are definitely living life!; etc.

      Just saying.

    • This is unfortunately a very real possibility. He euphemizes his actions as “blowing off steam” but he has always been a danger to others, even when sober. He’s highly likely to hurt someone else badly in one of his future steam-blowing episodes, and probably only then will he be put in jail permanently where he belongs and is at home. Meanwhile someone else’s life may have been destroyed.

  6. You guys should not be surprised at all. He is a mad man and is likely to be arrested again and again. He has no morals. He if fighting non existent enemies from way back then. So whether it is a cop, a horse or his wife he will continue to see enemies everywhere. His drinking problem will get worse so don’t be surprised if you are going to see more articles from Marty getting arrested.

  7. former independent

    I used to hang with Marty.

    After reading his article about being arrested I have decided he is NOT for me. I found it full of justification, lack of responsibility and an attempt to give “other people’s withholds”.

    He hasn’t got yet that all he is doing is nattering and justifying.

    If this is the person that is going to reform Scientology we are all in major trouble.

  8. Very good point!

    I also saw no remorse at all in his whole write up, which is typical of Marty Rathbun.

  9. How can anyone justify getting wasted like that?

    Marty, let me C/S you here, “brother”:

    1) Purif RD
    2) Objectives FLATTENED for real
    3) Scn DRD

    Then again, I am sure you won’t make any case gain.

  10. I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I think this is probably only one of many arrests to come for Marty. Those of us with first-hand knowledge of him are only surprised that he manages to withhold his destructive impulses at all.

  11. The outpoints in Marty’s “confession” could fill a book. He’s like someone who apologizes for what you made him do. ( Classic Marty: “I’m sorry for choking you, but you really tested my patience when I was trying to sec-check you…”)

    He describes the most degraded behaviour and then turns around and attacks the Church as though they’re worse. Even some of the lost-in-space types who frequent his blog have got to see how pitifully irresponsible this guy is.

  12. Hey Marty, it wasn’t the 180 proof shots that blindsided you, it was your own abysmally low homo-degradis responsibility level.

  13. Pedro Martinez

    Check this out. Before Marty went on his honeyboom, Mike Rinder toasted him with the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard:

    Before: Mike Rinder’s toast to the Marty and his new wife—“ I would like to propose a toast… Marty, who I have know for 30 years and feels like more than a lifetime, and Mosey who I’ve only known for a couple of years but also feels like a lifetime. Marty is perhaps the finest example I have ever met of someone who maintains the code of honor, personal integrity and care for other people. And his partner Monique fits with him like a hand in a glove. There is not a person that I have ever met who is a nicer, more sincere, more caring, more generous or a better mate than Mosey. (Cheers).

    After: Marty dumps his new wife, runs out of the bar, slam dunks a kid with a basketball, gets blocked by the doorman, gets arrested by the cops and two horses, put in the slammer and has an epiphany in the jail with 50 other jail “mates”! (Cheers)

  14. Grab a barf bag! Confession my ass. He’s covering up something and he might or might not know what it was because he was smashed in the head and you know what happens when he gets drunk. He crashes cars into pits, he hits walls, he gets in bar fights, he gives motorcycles away, and he punches women and kids with basketballs. This guy is a raving nut. I think he had another “epiphany” and in jail this time. I bet he’s going to now preach he’s Malcolm X again. Marty X. God this guy is one sick dude.

  15. How sweet of Marty to CONFESS to his drunken binge. So what he got drunk. So what he punched some cops. So what he went after the doorman (he sure has a fetish for doormen—remember what he did at the front door of the Fort Harrison). But what really ticked me off is he went after the horses! He punched the horses out. That really pisses me off. He’s a horse beater! That’s Marty

    • Oh, no, you’ve got Marty all wrong. He was tossed in jail simply because he “didn’t tamely submit,” that’s all.
      In other words, “nothing to see here, folks – move along…”

      (…and his PTSes buy it hook, line, and sinker.)

  16. Hurricane Marty! He knocked down a few shots and he lost it. Did you noticed he said that he “checked” the kid with the b-ball. What he meant was he body slammed the kid.

  17. Marty’s 180 proof psychotic and insane. Arrested! That’s Marty!

  18. Fifty bucks he is going to call his new squirrel group operation “The Jail” rather than “The Shack”.

  19. understanding

    Give it another day and he’ll be saying that the Martians made him do it.

  20. former independent

    He got pinned against the wall by the cops and boxed in by the horses. Sounds like someone on PCP. What a honeymoon Marty! A psycho one. I am sure Mosey had a grand time.

  21. I think Marty is smoking dope. He’s gone berserk again. He sure knows how to ruin a honeymoon. I guess his 50 cells mates gave him a nice honeymoon job.

  22. Marty thinks he pulled a fast one with his confession. He ain’t confessed shit. There’s more to the honeymoon fiasco than he is saying and he hoped he had to locate the eye witnesses and “debriefed” them plus he had to hired an “inexpensive” attorney. Is he crazy? It’s the Big Easy and in the Big Easy all does not remain silent.

    Payoffs to keep people quiet just doesn’t cut it.

    Marty’s in for another epiphany and it ain’t going to be pretty. I think he should spill the beans because the beans are going to be spilt for him.

  23. I checked with some “independent” and he told me Marty “f-ed up” bad and they are trying to do damage control.

  24. I like the way you stripped all the bullshit out of his story and just left the facts. He must cringe when he reads it.

    There is another site out there berating him now with some interesting reading.

    Bit OTT in places but also quite good.

  25. This entire page is packed with truth.

  26. I agree, Marty is slanting truths greatly on his site. He pretends he is the champion of Standard Tech and at the same time openly both degrades it plus intros psychology as a more “advanced tech” (the brain neron video) (if it were not so bad it would be really funny that he actually believes that).

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