Damned in Their Own Words – Rinder


  • “Bottom line is that I have had a totally criminal moral code and operated with a totally criminal mind attitude that I have not fully confronted (even down to lying about lying and doing illegal things).”
  • “With all the justifications I have had in place, telling the truth under certain circumstances was in my universe no different than telling a lie or withholding.”
  • “I was very lazy and did everything based on the ‘seat of my pants.’ From the outset I have been off purpose and out ethics.”
  • “I wanted to be important and maintain my status and I put that well before the well being of the organization. I have been anti-organization. I have had to lessen the importance of the organization and group in order to continue to live with the overts [transgressions] I committed.”
  • “I avoided responsibility by deliberately remaining ignorant of situations, hoping that a junior would handle them. This ‘it’s got nothing to do with me’ attitude in flying my hats right up the Org Board. This was motivated by a cowardly desire to have someone other than me to blame if the situation blows up. It ignored the actual consequences, because when these situations explode, it has always been Chairman of the Board who handled them… I have done this many times throughout the years—from legal cases to media situations and government attacks.
  • “The cost to the Church through my neglect of situations has been huge, because these situations have blown up and turned into hugely expensive matters in terms of both money and distraction.”
  • “My statistics suck—I don’t get anything really done because everything is off purpose. The accomplishments I have had have always been related to things COB was doing, and I’ve totally lost sight of that and deluded myself that I have done more than I am really capable of doing.”
  • “I have a great deal to do to make up for the disasters I have created that have truly turned me into an enemy of LRH, COB and Scientology. The higher the level of responsibility and trust that is placed in one, the greater the overts are when these are violated and I have done so continuously, while asserting I have been ‘on the team’ and ‘with it’ when I have not been.”
  • “Over the years, as I committed more and more overts and created bigger and bigger disasters in my wake—I would ‘not-is’ and ‘negate’ things and hope they go away, and then when that doesn’t happen they have to be made less of in order to justify why nothing has been done about them. This operating basis created catastrophes, situations that have actually kept COB off his post handling the disasters for years on end… I see now how suppressive, off Source and psychotic my actions and attitudes have been.”
  • “I have been engaged in my own game of trying to prove my own rightness—and that has been the senior thing in my universe, and this is suppressive to the whole of Scientology, because I have been off purpose and operating on a personal motive, know-best and squirrel.”
  • “I have committed Suppressive Acts over an extended period of time. I have admitted it and said so. But, I have been unwilling to be fully responsible for it.”
  • “My motivations for a long time have been First Dynamic oriented—attempting to protect my reputation and position as a senior datum to the expansion and well being of Scientology. I constantly convince myself otherwise, but that is the bottom line truth.”
  • “Callousness and disdain for staff became my habit. I lessened the overts against staff by making them unimportant. I have been callous and arrogant towards staff, insensitive to their feelings, making less of them looking down on them and treating them as unimportant (i.e. not as ‘important’ as me).”
  • “I got very upset with [name] and pushed him against the wall in my office and then pushed him out of my office. There were other staff present. This was not ok as physical abuse is uncalled for and resolves nothing.”
  • “I punched [name]. It was a wild animal reaction and uncalled for. He pointed his finger at me and I punched him in my office.”
  • “I destroyed [name] confidence and made her life miserable. I saw her through my own eyes and black heart and accused her of what I had done many times to others.”
  • “[Name] was called over by Marty and attacked by Marty for not doing something. Marty beat him up and he was very shaken up. I didn’t have the courage to counter Marty.”
  • “The consequences of my actions are terrible. I had mired myself so deep that I could no longer see anything except motivators.”
  • “I have really examined the actions that I have taken that have made me an enemy of Scientology… I have nullified the importance of the Sea Org and thereby undermined it, yet this is the LRH handling for salvaging this planet… The enemy actions I was engaged in were destructive to all of Scientology and ultimately every person on Earth. The magnitude of the overts is almost incomprehensible.”
  • “In truth, I have not been being a Scientologist, let alone a Sea Org member. I had less insistence on applying the tech to myself than regular Scientologists.”

5 responses to “Damned in Their Own Words – Rinder

  1. Pull out a psycho meter! Rinder emulated Marty as he thought he was the person he should act like. A clone! I get it now—not Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde—but Dr. Marty and Mr. Marty

  2. Great job! I worked with and near Rinder and am glad to see this write-up. Thanks very much for posting. I was just referred to this site and in 5 minutes it’s already starting to blow charge for me. I know all three of these nut jobs, and am glad they’ve finally been found out.

  3. “I avoided responsibility by deliberately remaining ignorant of situations, hoping that a junior would handle them… This was motivated by a cowardly desire to have someone other than me to blame if the situation blows up…”

    Yeah, tell me about it, Mike. I was one of those juniors, and the situations didn’t just “blow up” – you blew them up and then shifted the blame to others. I was okay, but saw the trouble you caused to others, and how they suffered for your malfeasance. You’re a total overt-product maker, and your currently trying to make your most overt products yet.

  4. I just wish he was written up long time ago. Dont be afraid of retribution use personal integrity especially in the Sea Org. You can see how it blows up when you leave it too late.

    The Sea Org is our best personal and international answer and requires the most diligence to keep these “fakes” out.

    Im not in the SO now. I removed myself years ago as not being up to standard but see the SO could do a lot worse than me as evidenced by blows and leaves over the past few years.

  5. I feel sorry for them that they dug a hole for themselves so big and keep digging it. They admitted their crimes during their conditions yet now not-ising them, justifying them and committing more. they totally lost the plot of living any kind of productive life. i guess life has no real meaning for them now too. Advice to Marty and Mike: Go cool off somewhere and think about what you are really doing.

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