Happy Father’s Day, Mark Rathbun!

The following article was sent to me by someone, not a Scientologist, requesting to post his article on my blog. You ain’t going to believe this posting but because it is so incredible it is getting posted as an exclusive. Whoever you are—nice piece of work! My father has been asking the very same question you have been asking since the late eighties—Who is Mark Rathbun? To answer your question, there are two Mark Rathbuns and both are sociopaths. There’s the Mark Rathbun, the serial rapist who was convicted of 67 felonies, predominately crimes against women. He is currently serving a 1,040-year prison sentence at Calipatria State Prison—that’s ten fucking life terms and he’ll be out in the year 3864 – http://www.whois-markrathbun.com Then there is Mark Rathbun the subject of your site.  And here’s where it really gets weird. My father was officially a “personality researcher” by profession and his clients were very diversified from agencies, bureaus, cops, estate trusts and you name it. He could crack the detailed backgrounds and roots of anyone—from the most wanted; to lost loved ones and even getting the real goods on somebody. He could find the real identities and past tracks of someone that nobody could crack. He called them the “untraceables.” He was the DNA tech of his time. On the side, he studied and documented the parallel of names—especially murders, rapists and some very sick motherfuckers—to someone else who had the same name. Weird shit but interesting. And here is where the parallel between Mark Rathbun and Mark Rathbun intertwine. Back in the late eighties, he did a favor for a friend who was acting as a rep for some guy named Mark Rathbun. It seemed that Rathbun wanted to find records of his mother’s institutional and electroshock history with the added request to find out if she was pregnant with him (Mark Rathbun) when she got zapped. Of course, he wasn’t told who Mark Rathbun was in the social strata and since it was requested that no names were mentioned, my dad of course checked who this Rathbun was. However, there was no internet facilities back then so slow tracing. For some reason after a year passed, as he would do the Rathbun research on the side because it wasn’t a paid job but a favor, he was told to drop it. He suspected it was because Rathbun was some bigwig in the Scientology organization and probably feared something about his family background becoming public knowledge. But this was after he had already done some looking on the subject. At the same time, my dad got involved in a serial rapist case that later turn out to be another Mark Rathbun. Weird shit! My father would jokingly spit out at times—who is Mark Rathbun? Which one is the real Mark Rathbun for they both lived and grew up in the Long Beach-Laguna Beach areas. He eventually found out what Mark Rathbun wanted to know about his mother and about her receiving electroshock treatments when pregnant with him. He also found out all about his mother’s mental history and treatment and her suicidal jump off the Golden Gate Bridge when Rathbun was five. He met with Rathbun’s father who did not like or trust Mark for reasons he would not discuss. However, he did discuss Mark’s mother’s and sons’ mental histories. He found out a lot for it was all research for him and his potential theories or discoveries on the same name identifications with a serial killer or rapist. In 1991 when Mark Rathbun’s brother was found murdered, it caught my dad’s attention  and he noted it. When Mark Rathbun, the serial rapist in Southern California, was finally caught and convicted in `95, my dad thought he was onto something big with the “Mark Rathbun” name theory. Due to serious accident, my father’s work got sideswiped and postponed his “name association” theory. We have discussed his name theory many times and it wasn’t just the Mark Rathbun name. But a funny thing happened. The name Mark Rathbun hit his radar screen over the past few years. It was the Mark Rathbun in Texas. My father told me that Mark Rathbun’s dad was an interesting character, likable and friendly but very upset about his family history and he said Mark Rathbun had a lot to do with it. He mentioned that Mark Rathbun would drive his older brothers nuts when he was a kid. He mentioned that Mark Rathbun hated his brother Bruce who was brutally murdered in 1981. Dad did a grid on both Mark Rathbuns’s locale when rapes or murder occurred and they were always within short driving radius to the crime incidents. Of course, I mentioned that it was too incredible that Mark Rathbun Texas was as nuts as Mark Rathbun Long Beach. Dad said that was the same what was told him when they were tracking down Mark Rathbun Long Beach when dad had connected him with numerous rape incidents. He told me also that the cops had Mark Rathbun Long Beach in their scopes many times but he always got out of it or they let him go free because they couldn’t pin the rapes on him until good old DNA nailed his ass. Dad was annoyed after having met Mark Rathbun Texas’s dad, for he liked the guy, who said his son Mark Rathbun hated him and blamed him time and time again for the anguish that his mother and brothers went through. Per the Mark Rathbun’s father, the clues pointed in the other direction to Mark Rathbun himself. A disturbing memory to Mark Rathbun’s (Texas) father was two incidents that remained a mystery for him regarding his son. One was some murder of a woman in the mid or late `70s that Mark Rathbun was supposed to be protecting. The woman’s ex-husband shot her to death, after Mark Rathbun wrestled and fought the man. Rathbun was bigger and stronger than the guy but still let the guy get out of his strong hold and ran up to the woman and shoot her in the face—dead.  The father said that in one of Mark Rathbun’s drunken binges at his father’s house when visiting, cried his woes about the woman’s death and that he let it happened. He told his  father that he could have prevented it but he went weird and allowed the guy to pick up the gun after Rathbun had wrestled and knocked it out of his hands and then run and shot the woman. Now we come a full circle—Father’s Day.  Rathbun hated and blamed his father for his mother’s and two brother’s insanities. Yet it was Mark Rathbun who tormented and hated his older younger brothers when young and drove them nuts. But here’s the bombshell—Patricia Rathbun was institutionalized and shocked treatment when pregnant with Mark Rathbun. And from all my dad found out about Mark Rathbun’s history many years ago and the current scene with him from reading his blog and what is written on this site, he has come to the conclusion that Mark Rathbun Texas and Mark Rathbun Long Beach have many things in common and the main one being insanity. Though Mark Rathbun Long Beach (who is in jail for 10 life terms) and Mark Rathbun Texas who has yet to be discovered and sentence to his jail terms are one and the same mentality. There are other criminals and murders that my dad has researched out again other persons with the same name which he hopes to put out in a book. The name Mark Rathbun is just one (or two) of a number of cases he has documented. However, he is playing out in hope that something comes to light on Mark Rathbun Texas to justify a book. My dad won’t see the day the book’s published but I will as I am editing it. But here’s the kicker in it all. My dad didn’t dedicate the book to me or my mother. He dedicated to a man called Slade Rathbun—Mark Rathbun’s (Texas) father. He really liked the man Mark Rathbun (Texas) hated. And why do I bring this up on Father’s Day. My father said one of the biggest upsets of his life was that Mark Rathbun (Texas) never, ever once wished his father a Happy Father’s day. So on this day, I dedicate to Mark Rathbun’s (Texas) father a Happy Father’s Day from my father. Happy Father’s Day Slade Rathbun. You weren’t to blame for your wife’s insanity, institutionalization and suicide. You were not to blame your son Bruce’s institutionalization and murder. You were not to blame for your son Scott’s insanity or institutionalization. And to you Mark Rathbun (Texas) your secrets will be revealed some day. That I swear not only to my father but to your father—Slade Rathbun. Happy Father’s Day Mark Rathbun!

3 responses to “Happy Father’s Day, Mark Rathbun!

  1. Oh my!! I laughed until I cried! This is a masterpiece and deserves a wider audience. Pure genius.

    Have you sent it to Marty Rathbun (the one in Texas)? He is crazy enough that he might actually post it. Well OK, not likely. But he should be allowed a read of it.

  2. You are always right, good job.

  3. Well done for finally telling the truth about Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun.

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