What Marty Rathbun really meant

Marty Rathbun

Marty Rathbun has become an individual who presents himself as an “expert”, whose purpose appears to be self-aggrandizement or personal profit.  His true motives and activities have been found to be quite different from those he portrays to the public and the media.

Marty claims that he has sources inside the Church of Scientology. So while he accuses the church of spying, without any proof, he is the one sending spies into the church.

In his recent article about Heber what Marty really wanted to write is the following:

“According to reliable sources Marty Rathbun has become apoplectic over being called out on his denigration and degradation of Heber.

“My guess is we will see either or both of the following knee-jerks from Mike and Marty:
a) Mike will make some sort of statement that condemns SCientology as its life-long nemeses. Mike will laud Marty as his beloved daddy, claiming that Marty has been consumed in such important media production at Ing (Ingleside Texas) that he could not take two minutes to talk to his squirrel friends.

“b) Depending on Marty’s state of mind, he will pull Mike out of the hole in Florida, groom him, put him in a suit and have him show his mug at meet and greets with some media before his exclusive interview with the BBC.

“Further prediction. Mike Rinder will snap and will address the conditions he has been living in for the past years because of Marty Rathbun. The public can then judge for themselves whether he has any self-determinism left in him – just as they did when they got a glimpse of the stooges Marty hauled out of Ing to harangue Anderson Cooper. In order to respond in a sensible fashion, Mike is going to have get briefed on what is happening out in  squirreldom. He’ll be the seventh behind the Berlin wall to get the briefing (no matter how lopsided and distorted, he’ll get a glimpse of what is really going on).

“If we stay on it, before long the seed of the hope of redemption will have been sown in the mind of every single squirrel.”

2 responses to “What Marty Rathbun really meant

  1. Most of the other characters are sort of comic book villain types, so really intense method acting is not really appropriate. Fashion Show

  2. Marty Rathbun should be asked why he reacts so violently about the homicide investigation on his brother Bruce!

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