Did you know that after the United States entered the war (World War II), the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) sought to weaken the morale of the Allied armed forces and civilian populations by radio propaganda?  The British traitor William Joyce broadcast from Germany under the sardonic name “Lord Haw Haw”;  the American poet Ezra Pound broadcast for the Fascist cause from Italy; U.S. forces in the South Pacific became familiar with the voice of Iva Ikuko Toguri D’Aquino, a native Californian of Japanese descent, who broadcast from Japan as “Tokyo Rose.”

I think that the current Rat and Rin squirrel show on the Net is deserving of a name too.

I propose Rat & Rin.

2 responses to “RAT & RIN – A HISTORY LESSON

  1. Apparently Rat & Rin are deaf to the lessons of history. Ever wonder what happened to king of squirrels, David Mayo? No. Neither does anyone else.

  2. To my knowledge, Mayo just wanted to be source and “knew best” about the Tech. He didn’t physically abuse his pc’s like Rathbun does.
    To Rathbun, power means literally pushing others down, and Rinder has become like-minded.
    Rat and Rin indeed.

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