Mark Rathbun lies again

“For you delinquents in OSA and the Anonymous ass clown fringe (same difference) who get off on such pranks, I have a request. ” – Mark Rathbun

Rathbun is complaining that he is getting pranked by Anonymous but he is also blaming OSA.

We all know that by doing a Google search about “Anonymous and Scientology” the results are very clear.  Anonymous has been harassing the Church of Scientology for two years.  They have made all kinds of threats, pranks, etc.  If Mark Rathbun would have bothered to do his homework he would have found out that the FBI investigated individual Anonymous, who participated in the DDoS attack against the Church websites, and prosecuted them.

Saying that OSA and Anonymous are doing the pranks to Mark Rathbun is a joke.

Rathbun is so obsessed with Scientology and its leadership that he attributes to them everything bad that happens to him.

If you have upset Anonymous then take it up with them but quit slandering Scientology for everything that happens to you.

Grow up Marty and quit thinking and acting like a squirrel.

7 responses to “Mark Rathbun lies again

  1. Well said. Just out of curiosity how do we know Marty is telling the truth? And if he is telling the truth what evidence does he have to conclusively state that it is OSA?

    My guess is that he is taking advantage that Anonymous is harassing him and blame both Anonymous and Scientology. Typical of Marty.

  2. If you didn’t realize it, Marty has quite some track of lying and when he doesn’t have any real facts, he invents them, artfully spinning events to attack and black PR the Church.

    His blog is full of this sort of thing.


    • I know what you mean, I am disgusted too. If it weren’t for the internet, loony tunes like Marty Rathbun would dry up and blow away within days.

  3. Marty will use anything that will hep is black PR campaign. Now he is trying to say that Anonymous and the Church are working together to attack him. He is insane! What drug is Marty on?

  4. Hey! Stop giving him a hard time. It’s not his fault he can’t tell the difference between the church and the anons. After all A is equal to A.

  5. I don’t think Marty can “grow up.” Juvenile delinquency is not Marty’s problem. A pretty serious psychosis is.

  6. PS: I love the “Let’s define “Slapped Around” video on the right menu!

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