Absolute fruitcakes: Mark Rathbun & Mike Rinder

They howl, whine and holler to the press.

They scream like banshees about Scientology, yet they praise all past squirrels.

They give succor to anti-Scientology attorneys; those that they litigated against in the past, when they were on staff in the Church.

They befriend past litigants, who they once fought against. Through their malfeasance and utter irresponsibility (probably intended) cost the Church on botched legal actions—all on attackers who were trying to extort big money from the Church. The character, ethics level and integrity of these litigants is so low you couldn’t find it with a telescope. And now Rathbun and Rinder are chums with them?

If you think that is crazy, it gets worse.

Rathbun writes an introduction to a book that attacks the Church.

Rathbun and Rinder become the best of buddies with reporters who have ceaselessly attacked the Church for years, to give their “inside” natter and rumormongering story on the Church.

They defame and attack the Church’s ecclesiastical leader and make the most insane and bizarre accusation that he is the third party between the Church and “the squirrels,” “Big Pharma,” “the psychs,” “the government,” and even “SPs.” Huh?

One would think it can’t get crazier. But it does!

Rathbun and Rinder fabricate and profess to any nut that will listen to them that they are “Scientologists.” Right! I might be stupid but I ain’t dumb!

I know squirrels are suppressive and suppressives are squirrels and both squirrels and suppressives are psychos, but Rathbun and Rinder take it to a whole new realm—absolute fruitcakes.

I reread the PTS/SP materials again in a new unit of time and I GET IT NOW! These guys are real life examples.

They are suppressives to the core!

11 responses to “Absolute fruitcakes: Mark Rathbun & Mike Rinder

  1. You are being polite calling them fruitcakes.

    Rathbun and Rinder are complete and utter destruction while someone else had to clean up after them.

    Now they are turncoats squirrels.

  2. They have both been squirrels when they were inside the church. Now they are just out of control squirrels.

  3. Great blog and great articles.

    I am amazed on how crazy and suppressive Mike and Mark have been.

    Keep up the good work I am a fan of your blog!

  4. I had no doubts about Mark Rathbun being a squirrel, but when I read your blog I became more dedicated to my church. Squirrels are known to be a temporary thing. They can’t complete cycle of actions.

    Thank you for the very well written articles.

  5. I just read Rathbun latest article. He is a fruitcake. He is getting harassed by Anonymous and he blames OSA for it. The man has completely lost it. He obviously failed to inform himself that Anonymous has been doing these kind of pranks to the Church of Scientology for the past two years.

    Wake up Marty!

  6. “Marty” was well known as a “dangerous” man when he was working for the church. Like so many others he tried to play the “I’m under orders from the boss” card to hurt people. He was found out and the boss took him the heck out. Any different from Mayo, or wild bill (or whatever the heck that dude called himself). No. And now he screams into cyberspace. One man alone with his crimes, begging for the approval and support of others.

    Yes, he does know how to “win” the sympathy of those who are upset. Some of them may have reason to be upset. After all Nobody is perfect – the Old Man never claimed to be. And so there may have been mistakes in the past. And maybe there are some right now. But what ya gotta look for are products. Who is actually helping people? Who is actually creating an effect in this society? Marty? No. Mark Rathbun is a parasite. He betrayed his friends. He betrayed his wife. He sits in his small world screaming about how “so many bad things happened but it’s not my fault” while soliciting money from those who are either, A: SPs, B: have serious crimes they never want to come to light, or C: have had injustuces (and have their own overts) and are not trained enough to see the truth.

    Lord, it pisses me off to see it. But in the end he will fail. He’s just another squirrel running madly on his wheel in a cage trying to grab other nuts.

  7. Oh – just gotta put this one out. Marty swore under oath the exact oposite of what he is now screaming about. Not only that but after he left the SO he kept quite for years. Then he came out making his claims – which are a violation of his sworn oath. Anybody ever heard of the statute of limits? Might that be why he waited so long to “reveal” his accusations?

    Forget the fact that he is admitadly a liar and a very violent person. He waited to “admit” these accusations untill he would no longer be legally liable.

    How can you trust that?

    One way or another the guy is a liar.

    It’s up to you to look and see what he is lying about.

    Myself, I know he spoke the truth back in the day. He’s lying now in the hopes to make money. He’s lying now because he is incapable of introspection. He has one “stable datum” which he must maintain or he would have to face the true consequences of his actions. And that, above all else, he can’t do.

    But that is my viewpoint – from my own experiences.

    What is not an “opinion” from me is: one way or the other he is a liar. And he shut his mouth and waited to “come out with the ‘truth'” until he was not longer legally liable.

    That’s an unarguable fact.

    Oh, and the same goes for Rinder. Not sure if his opinions were sworn or not but they were given to the world at large. He waited for Marty to back him. He waited till he thought he had a real chance to make some money and have others back him up. He didn’t have the balls to go it alone. Because in his heart he knows what he and his “friends” are doing.

  8. I met Mike Rinder several times when he was still in the Church and I found him to be one of the most arrogant and low ARC individuals I have ever encountered. I was not surprised when I heard of his defection. In fact I laughed because the news validated what I already knew.

  9. “I reread the PTS/SP materials again in a new unit of time and I GET IT NOW! These guys are real life examples.

    “They are suppressives to the core!”

    They are text book examples, and to an outrageous extent, so I can understand why it might take a little time and some study to fully grasp this. I mean, they are so blatant in their bizarre behavior — one minute beating the crap out of each other — next minute bosom buddies — and you can be sure that behind the scenes Rathbun is still beating up Rinder — that they remind me of a couple of Wiley Coyotes trying to chase the Roadrunner but dropping anvils on each other’s heads instead!

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