How to cave someone in


By Marty Ratbum

It was a cold and chilly night when I took an unsuspecting, young woman who was helplessly in violent pain from a migraine and ordered an equally young and inexperienced woman to take her in session and do the following ultimately brilliant handling that I devised:

1.Take her in session even through she only had 6 hours of sleep.

2.Take her in session despite her having not eaten much that day due to the migraine

3. Ask her for the evil purpose back of her migraine headache!

Wow—aren’t I brilliant!

And then when the inexperienced auditor informed me that the preclear was not sessionable and needed to sleep and eat, I terrified her half out of her wits and accused her of being worker oriented, threatened to bypass and do the action myself and threatened her that I would be standing outside the door so she better get going.

Oh migod, aren’t I just the most consummated squirrel of all times!


“I have been involved in spreading out tech practices.  If anyone continues to do these practices and picked up the habit from me, recognize I am admitting these actions were squirrel and you won’t find any justification for them in standard tech.” – Mark Rathbun

“Here is the guy who plans to “squirrel” and “grab Scientology.” Here is the boy.  Or here is the girl.  But here is also a thetan buried in the mud.  And if you let this person go without attention, he or she will soon become ill or die—or worse will mess up or kill others.  The person is the only real psycho.  And if you let him drift he’ll soon wind up in the brain surgeon’s suppressive hands.  So it’s nothing to overlook.  People who have to solve their problems by shooting the rest of us down are what made life such a hell in this universe. You have your hands on the implanter, the warmonger, the wrecker.”

L. Ron Hubbard, HCO PL 5 Apr 1965

2 responses to “How to cave someone in

  1. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Marty thinks he knows better than LRH, which is the same thing all squirrels do. Look at Werner Erhart and est. He thought he knew how to make a one shot clear and that LRH, who developed the tech, had missed it.

    Marty thinks he has studied LRH to a point of “total duplication” and thinks he is now “qualified” to alter the application of the tech, as in your example of trying to find an ev purp as the root cause of a migraine headache on an unsessionable pc.

    His acolytes will eventually realize he is off the wall. For the not-quite-bright it just takes a little longer.

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