Training Message


ByMarty Ratbum

The way to train a squirrel is to take a Scientology checksheet and skip entire sections of it, stop mid way and definitely don’t complete the course and certainly never do the drills.  In fact, I have a facsimile of one of my auditor training checksheets that sets an exemplary standard of doing just that.

The other aspect of training a squirrel is to never do any Internships for any auditor training as unfortunately the entire purpose of an Internship is to validate a certificate of training, which a squirrel definitely does not want.

Per HCOPL 25 October 1976, Provisional Certificate Expiry:
“Any person who has obtained a certificate without having done a full internship and demonstrated his competence is subject to certificate cancellation if the certificate is not validated at the end of one year.”—LRH

I luckily never did an Internship for any of my auditor training and as a result any course certificates I did get were all cancelled by 1996, which of course is totally appropriate to being the paragon of a squirrel that I am.

The grand finale of training a squirrel is to set up a splinter group to illegally deliver Scientology without license and in so doing, suppress and stop others from moving up the Bridge and completely ruin their eternity.   Because you see, setting up a splinter squirrel group results in an automatic cancellation of all certificates one has ever received or in the case of myself, every falsely represented certificate as well.  This is per HCO PL 7 March 1965,


With every nut that falls into my web of lies, they too have any certificates cancelled.  So it has an excellent domino effect and I can take down as many people as possible in the process, which is my entire purpose.

Especially since my committing of continual overts and making others commit continual overts, completely bars any case gain forever, which is just perfect.


“I have been operating on pretense. I created and purveyed that I was a standard tech zealot.” Mark Rathbun

“Flubby auditors are the biggest time wasters a C/S has.  If auditors on his lines aren’t good, he’ll take forever to get his C/S work done.  And he won’t get results.

“The answer is, regardless of class as a course graduate, a C/S MUST INTERN HIS AUDITORS FOR EACH INTERNSHIP MISSED ON THE WAY UP.”
HCOB 19 July 1971
C/S Series 52 INTERNS

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