A Squirrel by any other name…

Mark rathbun Squirrel


Shakespeare wrote, “A rose by any other name smells as sweet.”

Unfortunately for Mark  Rathbun, a squirrel by any other name stinks as bad.

When Rathbun first began setting up his squirrel center, he applied the age-old technique of propaganda by redefinition of words  and coined the term “independent Scientologist,” hoping to phase out the word “squirrel” from people’s vocabulary—at least where he was concerned.

He reasoned that if he were only known as a “squirrel” it could hurt business. It is hard to line your pockets for personal gain from the gullible few you have duped if you call yourself a “squirrel,” as there are so many references that call attention to that word. (This drives him so berserk he wishes he could have a magic pair of scissors and clip out all mentions of the word “squirrel” from every Tech Vol and OEC Vol on the planet.)

Thus the term “independent Scientologist” was born. He thought it was a stroke of genius. Then…oops! It didn’t do so well.

Rathbun’s solution backfired for two reasons:

a)The expression “independent Scientologist” is an oxymoron, as anyone who has studied any amount of LRH lectures, books, HCOBs and HCOPLs on the importance of Scientology organizations knows.

LRH said, in the lecture of 6 April 1965, Org Board and Livingness,

“Now, it isn’t that anybody is trying to weld everybody together to the end of time, but I should say offhand that every person and being and so on who is going up with Scientology ought to take Scientology up with him. Seems only fair. And then you’ll find things will work out fairly smoothly and very easily.

“Now, what do you fall back on when you come a cropper all   by yourself out in the far reaches of this particular planet? What do you fall back on? You fall back on an organization. You fall back on me. How could I be there at all if there wasn’t an organization to take care of the action?” — LRH

b)The other problem with Rathbun’s redefinition is that he embodies every characteristic of a squirrel, even down to  inventing his own processes, and is the epitome of every single LRH reference that describes a squirrel.

Rathbun himself wrote in a public confession,

“I have been involved in spreading some out-tech practices.  If anyone continues to do these practices, and picked up the habit from me, recognize I am admitting these actions were squirrel and you won’t find any justification for them in Standard Tech.” – Mark  Rathbun

Maybe Mark Rathbun will try to come up with a new word.  But the stench of “squirrel” is hard to cover up. Even with a 1.1, perfumed phrase.

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