Stopping Admin Working

”Every policy we have has been put to the acid test—‘Does it work?’—and passed. Neither tech nor policy admit interpretation, alteration or ‘new ideas’ generated by the bank.  Bright, constructive application of exact principles, yes.  Embellishment and know-best, never.” L. Ron Hubbard


My Own Take on How To Successfully Interpret Policy

By Marty Ratbum

With all the news these days about Ideal Orgs, and with my exceptional long-term experience (which I admit is very unique as I truly am an “only one”), I thought I would contribute to the overall downward spiral of the populace by humbly offering my own ideas on what one should do with L. Ron Hubbard administrative policies.

As a preamble, let me say this:

One of the things that literally drives me berserk with these Ideal Orgs the Church is now building everywhere is that they are an actual living demonstration of the exact application of L. Ron Hubbard policy. In other words, they apply administrative policy exactly.  I have always known better than doing that. As with everything else in life, you’ve usually got to take these things with a grain of salt.  (The fact that my stock in trade is usually more arsenic than salt is beside the point here.)

My point is that one should be free to interpret policy as he wishes (I have always been a staunch supporter of freedom). In other words, use the stuff that will benefit you personally. At the same time—and this is elementary—always claim that it is for the good of the group.  That’s the formula.

Here are, based on many years of experience in wreaking havoc, my own basic set of policies that I highly recommend if you want to be able to exploit a group for your own ends.  These are the authentic policies that I use, taken from my personal writeup of my counter-to- LRH policy operating basis:

1. On SPs who constitute an actual threat to the group, play it cool with them. Bend the rules and policy. Don’t use Justice procedures.

2.If someone continuously flubs and does not duplicate orders, then blow them away to the exclusion of the application standard Debug Tech, standard Cramming Tech and standard Ethics Tech.

3.Never trust anyone else to handle anything, even when it falls squarely on someone else’s hat to handle.

4.As an executive, follow something only partially to the point where four or five other areas appear to be affected and then dump it altogether.

5.Spend most of your time enforcing prohibitions. Do not spend anytime enforcing those doingnesses that are required to get products produced.

6.Operate on present time orders only. Do not bother with programs or projects.

7.Whack a guy a few times. If he continues to not comply, then  give up and go find some other things to do.

8.Do not spend any time with any areas of the organization that are not embroiled in screaming emergencies.

9.Do not hire staff members with any past experience and/or training.

The bottom line is that policy exists to be used as you feel like it.

I never understood why I have been called a “suppressive as an administrator.”  I guess this was another injustice and false vilification of a perfectly well-intended individual like myself. It’s not surprising considering how many wrong indications I’ve already had from people trying to shove HCO PLs down my throat.

“The end result is unmocked org form, overworked and enturbulated executives and staff, bad news about the intentions and activities of staff members, lowering production and morale and the creation of ‘threats’ to justify my own existence and suppressive operating basis.” – Mark Rathbun

“In 1965 I wrote the policy letter KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING.  It appears as the first item of nearly every Dianetics and Scientology course checksheet.  And with good reason.  Unswerving and relentless application of that one issue by every Scientologist is our only certain means of keeping the technology pure and the future hope of mankind alive.

“It may not be generally understood, however, that the principles given in that policy letter do not apply only to what is commonly referred to as “tech” — the first dynamic technology given in HCO Bulletins.  You see, when “tech” goes out, the pc suffers.  When “admin” goes out, the org declines.

“Therefore, to keep Scientology working, all of Scientology, one must insist on standard tech and admin.  The principles of unvarying adherence to precise technology, constant alertness to tech alter-is and insistence that every Scientologist abide by these rules apply just as severely to the third dynamic technology of standard administration — POLICY.”


One response to “Stopping Admin Working

  1. These are clearly the policies that he applied when he was in the Church. How about an article that lays out the policies that he is applying these days in his squirrel center? For example I know he does not keep worksheets or any records of an Overt that might come up in session, he accepts anyone on his lines including illegal pcs, he has a ‘no refund’ policy, I am sure he does not declare or record his income and so on.

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